Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Islanders win

Puerto Rico Islanders pulled off another upset, although I'm not sure it can be called an upset any more.

Puerto Rico beat Cruz Azul 2-0 at home on Tuesday. Sandy Gbandi and Nicholas Addlery scored for Puerto Rico.

We'll see how PR does in Mexico but for now they have the feel of a team that is destined for more.


East River said...

I didn't know what to make of this game. Cruz Azul played many of its regulars but still didn't looked that interested. Both goals appeared to be more of CZ's fault then PRI's attacking skills. But then I saw CZ's tempters flaring trying to stop the Islanders from time wasting near the end and their anger at the ref and I thought maybe they are taking this seriously.

Which brings a different question(s). Surely by now CZ and MFL teams are aware of the Islanders ability and that of USL sides. There really should not be anymore surprising as their scouts and coaches should have researched the PRI thoroughly. So is PRI that good? Or was it strictly a case of CZ thinking they will take care of these guys in Mexico. I think the ladder but I think CZ at least wanted a a road goal.

Gaudette(sp) the PRI goalkeeper has no business playing second division football, why is he not playing in the MLS is beyond me. Both DC United and the Galaxy could really use this guy.(yeah I know its salary cap issues and they don't want to spend that dough on a GK)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cruz Azul do what the Santos did? Playing in Mexico is always a different story...

East River said...

Anon, thats what I was thinking that they were doing the standard strategy waiting to for the 2nd leg at home and then run the other team into the ground. But what puzzled me was CZ players taking needless yellow cards trying to force PRI to put the ball back in play. I mean why get upset if you plan to destroy them in Mexico anyway. Why not just let the game end enjoy a night out in PR and tell PRI that they will see them in Mexico City in April "bring oxygen"!

Anyway Nicholas Adderley(sp) continues to surprise as he was almost worthless when he played at DC United. The guy just couldn't score to save his life.

Anonymous said...

do not forget: the islanders made it through the last round by getting a result in honduras... the concachamp will be mexican, but it would be nice to have a usl team playing in the final.

saludos, d

joel es latest soccer news said...

What a great game. PR looks so poised throughout the game.

The game in Mexico will be difficult.

Kartik said...

I really feel like the Islanders needed another goal. I discussed it this week on MLS Talk. Arietta's header went wide- had he hit that on the frame, I think we're talking less about the Islanders probable collapse in Mexico City and more about how bad Cruz Azul was the other night.

Kartik said...

Gaudette(sp) the PRI goalkeeper has no business playing second division football, why is he not playing in the MLS is beyond me.

MLS salary cap. A lot of MLS people who do not follow USL seem to not realize many of the USL guys we say "should be playing in MLS" actually make more $$$ in USL than they did when in MLS like Gaudette with Columbus because the cap is always taken up by a few high priced players.

Since I watch both leagues very closely I'd say MLS players 1 thru 5 are far far far superior to USL players 1-5 on a roster, but then from 6 thru 11 it is about the same and 12 thru 18 USL is much much better.

CONCACAF demands depth and USL teams while lacking the star power at the top have much more depth than MLS clubs. It's pretty universal across USL-1 actually. Everyone makes about the same salary and the teams are all more cohesive than MLS sides for the purposes of cups and travel.