Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I felt this was worthy of its own post since it deals with something a bit secondary to his return and the Galaxy and David Beckham and all that good stuff.

Landon Donovan was asked about this summer with the US national team, Confederations Cup and Gold Cup. Now, the US will have two consecutive tournaments once again as they did in 2007 and fielding the same team in both the FIFA tournament and the CONCACAF tournament will likely not be possible or an option for US coach Bob Bradley.

In 2007, Donovan was adamant about wanting to participate in the Gold Cup only and passing on Copa America. Two years later, it's not quite the same tune.

Donovan was asked whether he would prefer to play in only one tournament:

You'd have to ask Bob that. My guess is that he would keep that in mind with guys who are going to miss a lot of games. I don't necessarily have a preference but that's a question for Bob.