Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Orozco scores

Michael Orozco scored a goal for San Luis in a Copa Libertadores match on Wednesday.

Orozco scored on a header late in their game against Universitario. The goal gave San Luis a 2-1 lead and would have been the match-winner had San Luis not allowed a goal in the 90th minute.

Orozco is the second American to score a goal in Copa Libertadores. The first was... do you know? I'll put the answer in the comments.


L.B. said...

The incomparable Luchi Gonzalez.

Anonymous said...

I never would have guessed Luchi in a 100 years. What's he doing now?

Anonymous said...

Well according to wikipedia he's still the USL for Minnesota Thunder!

Michael Vann said...

It was Luchi Gonzalez. BTW, he retired two days ago. He is returning to Miami to teach math and become the boy's coach at Christopher Columbus H.S.