Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trujillo signs

Chivas USA signed Mariano Trujillo today, on the eve of the regular season. Trujillo spent time with several Mexican clubs including Morelia and Pumas. Trujillo can play on the right side of the midfield and defense and should be a valuable addition to the squad.

If he plays.

Jorge Barrera was also an experienced Mexican league player who was adept at right back or right mid but never saw action for Chivas USA. He also came in while Preki was coach.

Still, Trujillo has been training with Chivas off and on since last season, so Preki must have liked what he saw, enough anyway to offer him a contract and a spot on the team. I'm not sure exactly when Trujillo last player in Mexico. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking it may have been in the Clausura 08 season but I'd have to look that up. I suppose the only concern then would be how quickly he can acclimate himself to first division soccer. For Chivas' depleted side, the hope is sooner rather than later.

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joel es latest soccer news said...

Chivas needs defensive help. Preki has a good eye for players.