Saturday, December 6, 2008

You're the tin pot, buddy

If you read my first-ever post on The Touchline, you know how I feel about the English Premier League. I've pretty much always felt like that. To many, I suppose I'm missing out or less of a soccer fan or whatever because I don't get up early and spend all my Saturdays watching the EPL.

I got an e-mail last night that gave me absolutely no desire to change my position. I don't much care for arrogance.

This is from some wanker named Keith near London, who felt the urge to write to me about my most recent column for

Cuauhtemoc Blanco! Never heard of him untill he was at the Fire..hmmm hardly a legend in the making, lets be honest if he as anygood he would be over here and not in a tin pot league like the Mexican or the MLS!


Anonymous said...

Funny how foreigners dominated the EPL, and NOT the English.

Players and Owners

Albert said...

Well Chau is more like a regional folk hero,I never knew about Vinny Jones until I saw X-Men 3

ELAC said...

You cheeky, bastard! LL!

The Ultra said...

Euro snobs are painful. Besides Anon1 is right the real english league is the cokeship. The Prem is not the top flight for england, it's just a money pit for rich foreigners and their foreign players.

MLS is a great young league and he's the one who's missing out, what a joke.