Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New assistant for Chivas USA

Jose Manuel Diaz is on his way from Guadalajara to Carson as he will take a spot on the bench as an assistant coach. Jorge Vergara announced the move during a press conference on Monday. Omar Arellano Sr. has joined Chivas de Guadalajara as an assistant to Efrain Flores and Diaz was bumped to the MLS club to make room for Arellano Jr.'s father (Chivas' bright young forward).

It has been reported that Chivas USA will supposedly get a new coach, though I'm not sure the validity of the original report as it appeared in only one source (neglected to mention earlier but Cancha is the best and, to me, the only reliable source out of Guadalajara). I've checked in with the club and as far as everyone knows Preki is still coach. Also in that report was the possible exit of Francisco Mendoza, who along with Aaron Galindo (Eintracht Frankfurt) and Sergio Amaury Ponce (Toluca) are being tabbed as the club's reinforcements.

We'll definitely keep tabs on those developing stories, though.

For the meantime, here's a bit more on Diaz, which I translated from a Q-n-A on Chivas web site.

"It's a great opportunity after having had a thorough learning process here with Chivas. I've passed through many different stages, from youth team coach as well as coach in different professional divisions and ultimatley an assistant coach with a first division club.

"I feel like I have to learn more, look for more opportunities to continue learning and growing. Now I have a wonderful opportunity to do so and have high hopes that everything will turn out well. If management's desire is for me to go to Chivas USA, then I welcome the opportunity and am very hopeful that everything will go well.

"Over the last two or three years, we have had the chance to face many MLS teams. It is a league that deserves all of our respect. I know how they prepare themselves. I've followed them closely and know more or less the product. I know it's a tough league, one that will teach me a great deal."

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Anonymous said...

Luis was this a quote by the Mexican assistant coming to Chivas USA?

Do you think Chivas USA will make the same mistake as 2005?

Do you think, Preky deserves to be fired?

I heart Juan Ortega is coming to MLS to Chivas USA? Do you know anything about this?