Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Preki is still coach

...and will be coach for the foreseeable future.

Not a whole lot is certain with Chivas USA this offseason in terms of what players are coming and what players are going. But one thing is pretty much set in stone: Preki is and will be coach. Multiple sources within the club have told me as much.

Regardless of what a report in Guadalajara's Informador said, the incoming assistant coach will not report to the incoming head coach.

Now, as far as the assistant coach goes, it's all news to everyone. Even Preki. I had the chance to talk to him on Tuesday. He was in Europe somewhere but we chatted. He knew nothing about the assistant coach. But then again neither did anyone at Chivas USA. Or Chivas Guadalajara. Chivas head coach Efrain Flores reportedly knew nothing about it. And neither did the assistant coach himself, Luis Manuel Diaz.

A lot of this stems from Jorge Vergara and, as one reader put it, his mamadas. Vergara says a lot and talks a lot but whether there is anything substantial behind it is a different story. Remember the young goalkeeper from Saprissa he said was on his way here to replace Brad Guzan?

So take things Vergara says with a grain of salt.

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