Friday, December 12, 2008

MLS and Barcelona

For, I wrote about what sorts of challenges Barcelona would face in running an expansion team in Miami. You've got to read the story to see how I feel but in general there are lots of question marks surrounding this deal.

If I had to make a bet, I'd say the bid goes through successfully because it's Barcelona behind it. There are lots of worthy bids out there backed by strong finances but Barcelona's got a brand name that is golden and MLS would be wise to continue their dealings with the Catalan giants. That doesn't mean it's the most deserving bid per se but Barca has power that you just can't deny.


Anonymous said...

Barcelona's bid sounds a lot like the Chivas bid three years ago. There's been talk of using Miami as a farm team for Barcelona, and bringing over Spaniards from the reserves over there. Similar to what Chivas wanted to do with Chivas USA when it first started.

Also from reading various articles and seeing Claure and LaPorta's comments, they seem to believe that being Barcelona alone will attract people to the games. And the fact that they, in not so many words, said that while they might not win, at least they'll be playing attractive soccer, gives me the feeling they don't take the league seriously and just see it as strictly a way to expand the Barca brand. Not only that, but Laporta giving the ultimatum that 2010 or nothing, definitely gives you a sense of hubris.

In the end though, I think MLS will let them in, they see the Barcelona name attached to it and see worldwide potential to expand the name of Major League Soccer. Unfortunately, I don't see it turning out well for either party.

Anonymous said...

i really doubt we'll see any barcelona up-and-comers in miami... that's what they're saying to get the franchise... as the poster above states, chivas usa made the same outrageous claim... we've yet to see that happen. in fact, most chivas guagalajara players have completely balked at the idea of playing in the u.s.a.

makes me wonder about the future of the mls... makes me think of the canadian football league when it attempted expansion in the u.s.a. -- only to see those teams fail miserably, all folded within a span of four years, leaving the league almost bankrupt.

we'll see what happens.

saludos, d