Monday, December 8, 2008

Edgar Castillo to America

A day after scoring his first career playoff goal, Edgar Castillo is on the move.

Castillo left Santos following the club's playoff exit and will now play for Club America. Regardless of America's standing in league, they've been dreadful now for several seasons, this is a great move for Castillo. He now joins an elite club in the Western Hemisphere even though they've not been contenders now for three seasons. With America, he will be under the spotlight each and every week and will have the chance to break through on a greater stage.

As a speedy left back who did not often find the back of the net, Castillo's play at times was seemingly overlooked or taken for granted. But now he will be analyzed and criticized the way only players on elite clubs are. It will be a great mental and emotional test for Castillo to play with America.

Not 100 percent sure, but I believe that Castillo becomes the first American to play for America. We had a trusty reader help out with past accomplishments Americans had in Mexico (and I'll get to that more in detail later) but I can't recall off hand an American who played for America.

What this means for the short term is that Castillo will not get a chance to rest much. He will now participate in InterLiga, which kicks off in the first few days of January. And as if he needed much reminding about the challenging parts of playing for a regional giant, his first game could be against Chivas in Houston.

The above link is from El Siglo De Torreon. Apparently, he's known as "Homie" around Torreon, so the headline says "Homie says goodbye."

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