Friday, December 5, 2008

Influential Blanco

Earlier this week, I wrote about Cuauhtemoc Blanco for the Press-Enterprise. Today, I took a different look at Blanco's return to Mexico, this time for

Blanco's team got shut down yesterday as Toluca stopped Santos cold but I wouldnt' necessarily call it a bad performance by Santos. Toluca is on a roll, and Santos didn't do enough to break through. Santos has a chance, although it will be tough, to reach the final by winning in Toluca.

With Blanco on their side, though, their chances are pretty damned good.

Also, I linked to three You Tube clips of memorable Blanco goals - two of which came in games Blanco played at Toluca.

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AA said...

How was Blanco able to go play in Mexico immediately after the end of Chicago's playoff run? Beckham & Donovan have to wait for the January transfer window. What is the Mexican league transfer situation?