Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Castillo presented in new colors

Edgar Castillo was presented as one of America's newest players. The New Mexico-born Castillo joined America following six successful seasons with Santos Laguna. Now, he'll man the left side of the defense for America.

Here's what he had to say during his presentation:

"I'm very happy to arrive here. It has been a dream of mine to play with a giant club. This jersey is heavy but it has been a dream to play here and I'm ready to play."

He said he was looking forward to two games in particular: Jan. 3 against Chivas de Guadalajara in InterLiga and the Clausura 2009 season opener at Santos. He will likely spend a lot of time in the lineup during InterLiga to get used to new teammates and a new system and by the time league starts will likely have adapted himself to his new surroundings.

I wonder though what his nickname will be. America already has a "Gringo" in Jose Antonio Castro, though he was reportedly being courted by Tigres. The national media in Mexico has labeled him Gringo just as they have Jose Francisco Torres, and Jesus Padilla's carried the Gringo nickname for a while. At some point, that gets old.

However, the local papers in Torreon referred to him as "Homie" which is pretty cool: Edgar "Homie" Castillo. If that nickname sticks, I wonder which one of these he most resembles.


Albert said...

Whats up Luis , answering yesterday's question about previous U.S. players who have won the Mexican League, well there's only two more in addition to the two you had mentioned, although these guys had no active role in their teams championship runs.

Domique Dominic Kinnear played for the 1994-95 champions Necaxa.

He only played one complete game(five in total) during the long 38 match day regular season.

Did not play during the liguilla.

El Paso County's own Eduardo Fernández de la Garza was on Chivas Verano 97 championship team as El Pulpo Zuniga's back up.

He played in only four games during the short 17 match day regular season.

Saw no action during Chivas championship liguilla run.

Albert said...

Opps, forgot to mention the aforementioned Gerardo Masacereno.

He won two ,one with Pachuca and the other with Morelia.

He was the first gringo to win a Mexican title and the first to do it with Pachuca, he was part of Pachuca's first title in Invierno 99.

He played all but one game of the 17 match day regular season,often as a sub.

Played all of the liguilla, including the final series against Cruz Azul,where he played a combined 90 mintutes in the two legs, with 69 minutes as a starter in the Championship clinching last leg.

He also holds the distinction of being part Morelias first championship team in the Invierno 2000.

Again he played all but one game of the 17 match day regular season,often as a sub.

In the liguilla he only played during the Cuartos and Semis(started both games),he was didnt see action for the entire respechaje series and the entire final series, where Morelia beat Toluca in penalties to claim its first title.