Monday, December 22, 2008

The next Paco Torres?

In an article on Pachuca's exit from the Club World Cup, a Tuzo executive talked about the club's youth movement. Pachuca fielded a 16-year-old at the end of their third-place match. The exec, Guillermo Rivarola, talked about the future of the club and upcoming players. At the end, he talked briefly about a young American player who is in the club's youth ranks.

Jonathan Barron may indeed be the next Jose Francisco Torres. Barron, though, is starting out his Tuzo experience a few years earlier than Torres. At 16, Torres dropped out of Longview High and went to Pachuca. Barron is part of the club's 94s, which makes him around 14 or 15.

Rivarola explained to Reforma what they think of Barron:

"(Barron) is from Washington and Chelsea wanted him. He decided, and then his parents did as well, to come here to Pachuca. Soccer has no nationality. The only thing that matters is playing soccer well."

The story said Barron's mother is from Colombia while his father is American. Not sure if Washington means the state or DC, and also not sure if Jonathan was born in the US or not.

We'll keep him on our radar, though, and see if he develops into anything. As a member of Pachuca's youth system, though, chances are that he has a great shot of developing.


Keith Bundy said...

FWIW, I live in Washington state and a friend of mine said he is from Longview, WA.

However, after a touch of googling I found this link to a youth team called Pachuca in Montgomery Cty, Maryland (just outside DC) who had a Jonathon Barron listed on the roster:

Anonymous said...

This is pretty exciting news. In the past it's been Mexican-Americans that have gone to the Mexican league, but it looks like other Latinos from the US are becoming interested in plying their trade down there, which is excellent for the development of soccer in the US.