Monday, December 8, 2008

Chivas USA's year gone by

Okay, so I'm a few days late in posting this link. But nothing has changed much since the story was published.

I took a look back at Chivas USA's 2008 season for and, really there was just one theme throughout the entire campaign. Injuries destroyed whatever chance Chivas had at gaining and building momentum and thus it was hard to get things going right until the very end.

I also tried to gauge what five big questions faced Chivas ahead of next season... well, some of them point directly towards next year. The "Biggest Moment of '08" really has no bearing on 2009, and was actually difficult to come up with. It wasn't the goal I mentioned but rather what it started.


ELAC said...

Hey Luis,

Regarding injuries, doesn't Chivas USA employ the same trainers that the Galaxy employ? Or at least the same sports doctors?

L.B. said...

The training staff is unique to each club but I do believe they share doctors or at least have in the past. Those are obviously for the big injuries but for the day-to-day stuff or even the short-term 2-4 week injuries that's usually handled by the training staff. They have a lot of time to figure out what went wrong and what can be done to prevent it in 2009, that's for sure.

ELAC said...

Damn your optimistic, LB!!

I wonder why you left out some of Preki's questionable decision-amking out of your article or team's inability to secure a top notch replacement for Guzan. Everyone knew he was leaving.

Thanks, LB.