Thursday, December 25, 2008

An all-time fave

It's Christmas and there isn't much going on except for the unwrapping of presents and eating sugar cookies.

I figured I'd post a clip of one of my favorite goals of all time today, if nothing else for nostalgia's sake.

Dennis Bergkamp was a great goal scorer back in the day but one of the best goals he ever scored - possibly the best he ever scored - came in the 1998 World Cup against Argentina. I really didn't have a rooting interest in the game but I picked the Dutch to win the World Cup that year so I kinda wanted to see them make me look good. After this game, it seemed as if they really had something special going on.

As far as the goal, I don't know how it could get any better than that. The pass from Frank de Boer was perfect, dead-on precision. For Bergkamp to gently control it and slip past the defender and knock it past the goalie all while keeping his poise and wits about him, it really takes a master with the skill of a Bergkamp to have scored that kind of goal.

Seriously, though, what makes this goal even better is this Dutch commentator. I didn't hear this until a couple of years after the goal (I actually found it on Napster!) and only recently re-discovered it on You Tube. If you haven't heard the commentator, it's really great. Just pure emotion at its best.

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