Friday, December 19, 2008

Another one that got away

Add Neven Subotic to the likes of Guissepe Rossi and Edgar Castillo as good Americans playing for other countries.

Subotic, who unlike Rossi and Castillo was not born in the US, has opted for Serbia over the stars and stripes.

I don't think this is as egregious an oversight as Castillo or the inability to convince Rossi to stay home and give back to his birth country in a soccer sense but Subotic was a part of the Under-17 national team. Something about his experience here did not make him want to be a part of the senior team or represent this country.

It's a shame for the US national team because Subotic could have stepped in and challenged for a starting spot right away. I know the entire lot of US supporters is in love with Oguchi Onyewu but Subotic could have given him a run for his money. At worst, he would have made Bob Bradley's decisions much harder and would have upped the level of competition in camps.

Regardless, Subotic is history in terms of US national team prospects and the task of finding more central defense depth becomes more pressing.


Anonymous said...

This story is almost the American equivalent to "CRon to Madrid". While I'm not saying he won't wind up in Serbia, I'm planning on waiting until he says it himself before I believe any reports about it.

Jason said...

Take back you Oguchi Onyewu comment sir. I'm hardly struck by his "ability."

Evan said...

Don't forget Hoffenheim striker Vedad Ibisevic.

Phillip said...

Evan, we never had a shot at Ibisevic. He's not a citizen.

None of these reports hold any weight until we hear from Subotic himself.

Evan said...

From a NYT article (

“My parents would have been happier for me to stay in school and study international business,” Ibisevic said. “I was happy in St. Louis, got a green card, but I never really heard from anyone from the U.S. national team. I would have considered it.”

Jason said...

Ives is saying that the report is not true and that Subotic is still considering the stars and stripes.