Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another look back

I suppose I should jump on the year-in-review bandwagon. It is the end of 2008 after all and lots of things went on in and around the area. From the memorable America-Cruz Azul InterLiga finale to MLS Cup '08, Home Depot Center was site of countless memorable moments.

I guess in general I just don't have the energy to go back month by month, game by game, and figure out what moments were the top ones in the area. But I'm glad someone else does. Nick Green of the Daily Breeze took a look back at what he felt were the top five moments for his readers.

Now, I'd agree with three of them. I'd probably replace Shannon Boxx and Joe Flanagan with Chad Marshall and Maurice Edu but that's because those guys are local to my area and had memorable years of their own.

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rosyf said...

Geez! Thank you for reminding me the Interliga finale