Monday, December 8, 2008

Metallica Monday

When I first started The Touchline, I let it be known that I reserved the right to blog about non-soccer stuff. I haven't done so until today, but dammit I'm flying head first into it. Why? At the end of the week, I'm going to see Metallica here in Ontario, CA, and I must say I'm enthused. Quite a bit enthused.

Now, I wouldn't say Metallica is my favorite band to be honest. I'd have to say Rage Against the Machine is probably still number one and then from there on it just depends on lots of things as to who falls behind it. However, Metallica is up there.

As far as the show on Friday, a friend of a friend got us four tickets, something like within the first 10 rows, for about 60 bucks a pop. Pretty good deal! And he still handed us the tickets even though he was offered $1,000 for the same four seats he got us.

Anyway, I'm hoping Metallica plays some of my favorite songs of course. I'll be posting Metallica videos all week as I count down to the show but today's will be their newest song. I know d asked about the new album yesterday; well, I haven't heard the whole thing but what I've heard I've enjoyed. This song, for instance, starts a bit slow but it gets good and has some of the classic Metallica elements. I don't think this CD is like St. Anger, which really was mediocre.

If you've got any thoughts on Metallica or have seen them recently, feel free to let me know what I have coming towards me.

Here's the song, The Day That Never Comes.


JLC said...

Enjoy it. I've seen them about a dozen times, including twice in the past year (Ozzfest and Houston during this tour), and they're still kicking major butt. They'll play a good mix of new songs (4 or 5 of them), the classics, and some surprises. I won't give anything else away.

ben said...

metallica has sucked far longer than they were good. once they became a rock band ...egad it's bad

Dominghosa said...

RATM is No. 1.