Friday, December 19, 2008

Pardo returns home

Pavel Pardo is no longer part of El Tri in Europe contingent.

America has re-acquired Pardo's services from Stuttgart and the former America captain will once again defend America's colors.

For America, the move is great. They bring back a former star who knows very well what it takes to succeed with America. Pardo helped America win two championships during his time there. He brings instant leadership as well as capable soccer skills. America has struggled in recent seasons and along with Edgar Castillo and Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Pardo makes America's offseason acquisitions a decent catch.

For Pardo, though, the move is questionable. Pardo had done well in his time with Stuttgart and was a key part of their 06-07 championship and can still play in Europe. However, personal reasons many times trump sporting ones and a return to Mexico was what suited Pardo best right now.

ADD: I inadvertently left out a link to the story from Universal.


chris said...

Not that I'm questioning you, but as a Stuttgart fan (unfortunately limited to English), I'm interested. Can you point me to a source? Pardo was on the bench in the UEFA cup yesterday, and I don't see anything on Stuttgart's site. When was this decided?

If true, it's too bad. Pardo's corner that Hitzlsperger volleyed into the net to win the Bundesliga was the greatest Stuttgart moment in a lot of years.

L.B. said...

Sorry Chris for leaving out the link. I had it up and just got to writing and posted it without every putting the link on.

chris said...

Thanks. Lots of news places are echoing it, but I still don't see anything on either America's or Stuttgart's website.

This kind of sucks. I haven't actually done any counting, but it seems like Stuttgart always do better when he's in the side. If I remember right, they had a nasty spell earlier this year that roughly matched when Pardo was injured.