Monday, December 1, 2008

Interesting Tri stuff

I was scanning the Mexican Soccer Federation's web site and came across some interesting stuff. Seems that they've got some fixture dates set for friendlies in '09. They didn't win the Gold Cup in '07 so that means they've got nothing to do this summer except play meaningless friendlies.

Anyway, according to them they've got fixtures on the following days:

Jan. 28 vs Sweden in Oakland
Mar. 11 vs ??? in Las Vegas
June 20 vs ??? in ???
June 24 vs ??? in Atlanta
June 28 vs ??? in San Diego

The web site uses the ??? so I'm just passing that along.

If they do play in Atlanta and Las Vegas, it would be a pair of new markets for El Tri. Usually they do the rounds in places like Chicago, Oakland, LA, Houston. Atlanta, well, I don't recall offhand of a Mexico game in the South. That would be interesting. And Vegas, I'm not sure what stadium they have there that would accomodate an international fixture like that. But I welcome it. Might be a good excuse to make a quick midweek roadie to Vegas!


dallen said...

Why does Mexico play so many friendlies in the US? Besides the obvious: large Mexican immigrant population. Is it just for money. Do these venues pay more money to FMF to get el tri to play in America than a game in Mexico would draw? Just seems like a shame that they spend such little time in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

money talks... especially if it's dollars...

Chris said...

Luis, you forgot about next year's Gold Cup and the time off from tournaments this summer can give Sven time to work out the kinks.

albert said...

Word has Sven was planning a training camp in Amsterdam in mid Jan , and was planning to use his euro contacts to set up a few games for El Tri , but good old incompetent, money hungry Femexfut suits , told him they have prior game commitments with SUM(MLS's marketing arm).

As we all know SUM and Femexfut have a yearly lucrative contract that includes El Tri's U.S. tour,The Interliga and The Superliga

You could say Mexican soccer is keeping MLS afloat somehow.

In game aganist Chile I heard a SUM guy say LA could be seeing a lot of action in 09, so some of those question marks are proably going to read Los Angeles

albert said...

El Tri has played in the south before as part of the 96 Olympics.

They played two games in Birmingham, Alabama.

I think it is about the only time we will see el Tri around that neck of the woods