Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Subotic is Su-bye-bye

Greg Seltzer over at No Short Corners gives us the scoop on Subotic. I'd linked to a report last week about Subotic's decision to play for Serbia and not the United States but several people here and elsewhere said 'Not so fast.'

Now Seltzer has dispelled whatever doubts there were regarding the youngster's decision.

It's a shame on one hand as Subotic could have stepped in and started at central defense immediately. But as I said before he wasn't born here and may never have felt comfortable here in the US. It's one thing when you are born here and go to school here from kindergarten all the way to high school and all that and then you skip out on the national team. But in Subotic's case, he was born in Europe and came over here when he was already well into his childhood.

The United States' loss is Serbia's gain apparently.

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East River said...

Funny thing is that, he was also not born in Serbia but in Bosnia to Serb parents before the break of Yugoslavia.

I think comfort plays a part in that he will share a language and culture/heritage with Serbia. But less be honest here the guy likely went there because he would be playing in UEFA events. Think of the Euros he will see and like WC qualifies to be played. He will be able to demand higher transfer fees and salary because of his European international status. As well as he would not have to travel halfway across the world for Concacaf related events. I think career wise its totally understandable.

But has anyone seen a statement from him or his agent making his intents clear?