Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nurse departs

Roberto Nurse is now all but a former Chivas USA player. Nurse will likely return to Mexico, back to the Primera A, possibly with Veracruz, according to this MedioTiempo story (thanks for the link albert).

Some of the interesting parts of the story:

He was asked why return to Mexico, why not stay with Chivas USA and he responded:

"The truth is that the soccer there is different. I just went for the adventure. I didn't know the coach or the players and honestly it is difficult to go like that, and more so when the coach does not like your style of play or does not like you as a player. That was the case with me, because I responded in training, in games and he never felt an affinity towards me. I told myself, 'Well, I didn't come here to not play.' I prefer to return to Mexico and test my luckthere once again."

It's too bad that Nurse leaves so quickly, really without even having gotten an opportunity. He should have played more, plain and simple. With all the injuries the team suffered through, especially in the forward line, for Nurse not to have played more was simply puzzling.


Anonymous said...

Stands to reason whether Preki and the management were in sync as to the player acquisitions. In other words, was this a player Preki really wanted?

L.B. said...

Probably not. I know management was excited about bringing Nurse in and how he looked initially. Preki went with the guy he really wanted in there in Justin Braun, who stands to play a greater role in 09.

ELAC said...

Nurse was not a spark like Braun, but the reality is that Preki should be taken to task for not always giving Latino players an equal chance.

He benched Flores, he "pushed" Mendoza to the backline, and quit on Nunez last year.

I don't think Preki is racist, but based on these actions, it seems as if he prefers "certain" players (i.e. Thornton, Curtain, Braun).

I wonder if he knows that Chivas means goats in English?

Anonymous said...

nurse is a great forward... that's really too bad he's going back to mexico. this is one of the reasons why chivas usa is such a bust: it's just more of the same, more mls "soccer." the league really needs better coaching, different thinking.

OSweet said...


Nurse had every chance to shine.

He was playing right from the start, and I was rooting for him, fans supported him, he was a likeable guy from every standpoint...
but to be frank he bungled most of his chances, and was largely ineffective.

East River said...

I am just not impressed with Preki's coaching from last season. Mendoza on the backline was just strange once players came back from injury. His decision to play Anthony Hamilton in a playoff game back in 07 was even stranger.