Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tying their way through

Guadalajara tied Everton 1-1 in Chile on Wednesday and advanced to the second round of Copa Libertadores. They needed just a draw to get by and they did just that.

Of course, the week wasn't an uneventful one. Because of their travel from Mexico City to Santiago, the locals were not exactly welcoming to players while they were out and about in Viña Del Mar.

Which prompted this cartoon from Terrazas:

Chiva tells Everton: Your countrymen treated me like a pig.
To wit Everton replies: And because of you, they'll treat me like trash.

The game wasn't without incident though as there were a pair of red cards at the end of the match.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So Chivas were playing Everton or Boca? They look the same lol.

Anonymous said...

Luis i feel bad for the Chivas players, and to assure you people of Mexican decent know what they are going threw. I knew when this swine flue story broke out, hate for people of Mexican decent increase everywhere.