Friday, April 10, 2009

Be on the lookout

If you happen to be at some ritzy ski resort in the United States, look out for Javier Aguirre.

Reforma reported that Aguirre is enjoying his last days as a free man in the United States, taking in some last-minute R&R with his family at a ski resort in the U.S.

Aguirre, of course, was named manager of Mexico a week ago after Sven-Goran Eriksson got ran out of town. Aguirre is supposed to be officially presented on Thursday and will presumably take over his full managerial duties then - scouting, planning, whatever managers do when the national team is not in session. Then, it's on. He probably won't get a moment's rest when that happens, which is why he's hitting the slopes.

According to Reforma, Aguirre's ready to crack the whip. He's reportedly already spoken to Rafael Marquez and Carlos Salcido about their respective cards and apparently is making it clear to everyone that he will not tolerate such nonsense. Add in Gerardo Torrado and Carlos Vela and Mexico players have had some horrible lapses of judgment in very important games, and that has hurt the team. Reforma said a source told them the following:

"Él no va a permitir eso, si no va a apostar por otros jugadores."

Translation: He won't allow that. If not, he's going to bet on other players.


Anonymous said...

fluff... is ac back writing for the blog? coulda fooled me with this one...

L.B. said...

I had another thought that I was going to pursue in the middle of this; I was setting it up to talk about how... well, nevermind. I edited myself because people misconstrue things sometimes. It would have been interesting but the possibility of people taking it the wrong way outweighed the urge I had to get the thought out.

In any case, I'm sorry that this post did not live up to your expectations and hope you will continue reading this trusty blog amidst all the "fluff" that is abundant here lately.

L.B. said...

And I pretty wrote all the Aguirre thoughts out of my system between my three columns and another half-column on here. So until he's introduced, I probably won't say much more on the matter because all I have apparently are fluffy thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Meh... I like this kind of fluff. Keeps me coming back