Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey you people!

Chivas USA will host Seattle Sounders FC on Saturday for the first time, which means the club will go against some former Galaxy figures, including one player who harbors no positive feelings about Chivas USA.

Actually, against their fans.

Here's what Peter Vagenas told MLSnet.com about the possibility of playing in Saturday's game against Chivas USA.

"They busted my window last year, those people. They followed me home and cracked open my (car) window," Vagenas said, referring to the Chivas USA fans. "After the last SuperClásico. It was on their home field and I took the trophy to celebrate with their fans. ... I didn't know who they were but they followed me home and smashed my window. So I owe 'em one."

Vagenas, who has yet to play for Seattle because of injury, was never one to hide his feelings about Chivas USA and reveled in beating his then-rivals. While he now has an allegiance towards another club, those anti-Chivas feelings apparently have not lessened at all.

I'm just wondering you "those people" are. The Union Ultras? Legion? Maybe the front office or the players themselves? Maybe Preki?

Anyway, Vagenas played some for the Sounders in a scrimmage on Monday, but whether or not he travels to LA for the game remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

Its the legion bro they pulled a stunt last year where they decided to attack some riot squad members in the parking lot after the game. apparantly the mariachi and sombreros offended them. Sad thing was they didnt get the joke. One day those idiots are going to really piss someone off and end up really getting hurt.

Anonymous said...

that sombrero stunt was in poor taste.

The Hammer said...

No question about it Luis, he said he took the SuperClasico trophy up to them. We have a picture of that, it was the Lesion.

Classy. Classy. Classy.

When's the FO just going to man up and do away with the Lesion already?

L.B. said...

Whether it was Legion or some random fans, the unfortunate thing is that all supporters get painted with the same brush, fair or not. So Vagenas has this negative image of "those people" and holds on to it. And of course he's not the only one who holds on to this.

Guilt by association.

Anonymous said...

Guilt by association.

Welcome to the world of Chivas USA fans NOT in the LEGION.

There's enough ignorance in the MLS for everyone, however. For example, the Galaxy front office pulled a fast one on the Ultras last Saturday night by denying us our smaller drum. The Galaxy clown (I mean rep) said, "We'll drown out their supporters" Apparently their WASN'T a mix up when we paid for our tickets.

Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

I understand Vagenas's hate.

However, he's a professional and should remember that he's a role model.

If a Chivas USA player would have done that, he proabaly would have been arrested.


Anonymous said...

I think this needs to be forwarded both to the Chivas FO as well as to MLS HQ so they finally take some actions on the matter.

A friend of mine (female) had a bottle thrown at her head at the last derby. It's no surprise that the legion would do this at all.

And ELAC, I understand your frustration and I wish the FOs would be fair to both groups, but there's a silly little fight that your FO started. Having said that, being denied a drum or being put up in the upper level is nothing compared to physical violence and stalking.

Anonymous said...

He should have known better. You act like an asshole to a large number of people , something's going to happen. He doesn't know who smashed his window, but is ready to dish out blame to the chivas fans..... Could have been a galaxy fan un-happy with his awful pass backs. lol

What he did was in poor taste, notice that it was only him that went up to the fans to ridicule them.

And of course we have the geniuses at riot squad with their racist sense of humor, who act like little angels when the punches come out.. Funny that no one but them "got the joke". Even the Mexican Chivas players were highly offended.

Anonymous said...

The reason why Suarez and Pancho were offended is because they're highly ignorant and they sincerely believe, as do many Chivas USA fans, that Galaxy fans are all white.

Your club has been all too happy to propagate the idea that it's "Whites vs. Hispanics" in this game and it's simply not.

Here's a shocking revelation: The guy who came up with the idea is actually FROM Mexico, which is more than can be said for most members of Legion.

If you ask me, I think it's a pleasant sight to see Legion surrounded by the Sheriff's dept. at clasicos now. You want to behave like animals, then you will be treated like animals.

Anonymous said...

Don't paint the Ultras with the same brush as the other group. We didn't beat up the riot squad. We didn't try to steal scarves from the ACB. That's not our thing.

This isn't over. The Gal FO messed with the wrong group. They did so infront of Chivas USA exects.

Stupid and inexcusable.

Personally, the sombrero idea was great and so was the mariachis. Too bad Drew Carey isn't the the owner of the Galaxy, he'd probably buy white hoods and robes, too. Ignorant ass shit.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how any of this: The LARS, the bickering between FOs, etc. etc. justify the criminal behavior from the Legion these last two years.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how any of this: The LARS, the bickering between FOs, etc. etc. justify the criminal behavior from the Legion these last two years.

That's exactly the problem. The Galaxy FO stonewalled the Union Ultras (an MLS SG) and now will want red carpet treatment for its SGs when they're the away team. Our law-abiding reputation is based on what we do, not what some other group did to you in the past.

Still don't get it? Im not surprised.

Anonymous said...

I understand YOUR frustrations with the Galaxy FO. I understand your complaints, as a Union Ultra.

I don't understand how that justifies the Legion's behavior. Either what's been recorded in the past or what Pete Vagenas claimed today.

Also, keep in mind that the HDC has certain policies about flags/drums/etc. etc. etc. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that you weren't allowed to have drums because you were placed BEHIND civilians. Similar to the LARS/ACB being denied drums/flags last season because they were in the upper deck.

Anonymous said...

Being a Spanish speaker, "Vagenas" name always make me smile

Anonymous said...

No one here is justifying the other group. Believe me, they've attacked us and assaulted one of our guys in the past.

We're over it.

However, that same ignorance that seems to only exist when you talk about CUSA v. LAG, goes both ways.

Last Saturday night was a reminder and a wake up call. The Galaxy FO will bend its own rules at the expense of a group thats has no history of violence.

We purchased 100 tickets and were assured that one small drum, on banner, a very limited amount of flags would be no issue.

Once the game started, we were only allowed the flags. The security treated us as if we held the captain in somalia hostage and planned the attacks on 9/11. We are an MLS supporters group.

We will not tolerate this double standard.

As far as Vagenas is concerned, his beef is with others. If he comes towards section 101 to try th same stupid shit, then he's an ignorant buffoon.

No viloence should be tolerated. Ever. However, preventitive security measures and lack of professionalism on behalf of Galaxy FO operations that border on racial profiling against a group that has no history of violence.

Well, that's just dumb ass logic. Something Glaxy fans are very familiar with.

Anonymous said...

Galaxy fans can eat a hairy dick!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites = Galaxy

I hate Peter Vagina, and it was fun to see Zontica head bud his face.

I never recall, galaxy vs Chivas USA been whites vs. Hispanics, are you kidding?

Chivas USA has a divers fan base, but is mainly supported by Hispanics.

However, Lars clearly knew stereotyping someones culture would surely piss people off.
Don't tell me Lars members aren't racist, come on, i have read their post. They are the biggest closet racist ever.

Clearly we are not talking about the team but the Supporter groups.

The incident with Peter Vagina is his own fault. Don't look for trouble.

Anonymous said...

It's no use trying to convince a Galaxy fan that there a racist members in Lars. They'll never own up to it.

I have no problem calling out the Legion. They have some members who will habitually cross the line.

The idiot in a Lars tshirt I encountered outside the coliseum at a Guadalajara vs Galaxy match screaming "f'ing wetbacks" at the top of his lungs was more than enough proof for me. Well, that and some of the banter on the Lars boards after some of their run-ins with the Legion.

Anonymous said...

Some of you fail to see there is a large hispanic contingent in LARs as well. but We wont convinvce any chivas fans as well. You think all of the hispanics in LARS would be hanging around if all we heard were racial eppitets. The sombrero and mariachi thing was thought up by a Mexican in the group.
Theres bad apples everywhere both sides have idiots. And if were talking about racism the Legion surely have it out for whites at games. They sure arent jumping hispanic LARs members.

Anonymous said...

Ja these post are hilarious, from what i got from it the Gals supporters are sissy racist and the Chivas USA supporters are thugs all two of them.

I'm not surprise to hear about racism at these games, I've always read about it in forums.

The Hammer said...

It's amazing how this conversation keeps getting deviated by some to draw attention away from the fact that Legion members engaged in criminal acts of vandalism toward Pete Vagenas.

Last I checked, Pete Vagenas is not a member of LARS.

It may very well be true that LARS has racist members, but that doesn't have anything to do with Pete Vagenas.

It may very well be true that the Galaxy FO screwed up this Saturday, but that doesn't have anything to do with Pete Vagenas.

Maybe the sombrero stunt was in poor taste. That doesn't have anything to do with Pete Vagenas.

It's a simple as this. If you're on here talking about something other than the criminal behaviour of the Legion or Pete Vagenas, you're either not paying a lot of attention, or you're intentionally trying to change the subject.

I agree with what was said earlier and will probably point this quote out to both the FO and MLS. Something needs to be done.

It's funny that UU members defend Legion, because last I heard, you guys can't be placed in one joint "Chivas" parking lot or section inside the stadium because you've had problems with them too. Let me guess, UU members are racist, too? You guys wore sombreros?

Anonymous said...

The Hammer and Peter Vaginas can both eat a hairy cock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All the Hispanics in LARS are a bunch of Uncle Toms

Anonymous said...

No they would be Tio Thomas.

Anonymous said...


Stop being a jackass. At least long enough to read this.


Do you need a translating?

#1 We are just saying that ignorance goes both ways. Your FO proved it on Saturday in front of our FO. THey're treating us as if the UU are criminals, too.

#2 Vagenas and some posters are ignorant for insinuating that ALL Chivas USA fans are violent. Its been pointed out who the guilty are.

#3 We make no assumptions about racism towards LARS or Vagenas. Actions speek louder than words. Sombreros don't make you a racist, but throw stones either.

C'mon Hammer read carefully.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

You know, it would be a lot better if people who claim to be fans of any team took it upon themselves to police the behavior of "fans" who use their "allegiance" as an excuse to engage in criminal acts. That not only goes for Chivas USA; that goes for Toronto and every other club in this league.

When a Crew fan shouted racist slurs at Crew Stadium, fans helped the FO identify the guy and ban him permanently. Why do Chivas USA or Galaxy fans have a hard time doing this?

The league will do nothing; it hasn't in the latest incident at the Crew-TFC game in Columbus (which result in actual stadium vandalism). The FOs will do nothing unless they're pressured by the fans.

If you really want to do something, then stop attacking people who make sense, like Hammer, and pressure the FOs to take severe action against criminal elements. We don't want MLS to become like South America or Italy when it comes to fan behavior.

Anonymous said...

Joseph D'Hippolito are you a member of LARS or is Hammer your "freind"?