Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aguirre's first roster

Mexico won't play a game anytime soon but that did not prevent Javier Aguirre from calling up some players for a quick training camp.

The team features several youngsters (Edgar Pacheco, Hugo Ayala) and some surprising veterans (Miguel Sabah, Oribe Peralta). Also, it featured no South Americans. The only player not born in Mexico on the roster is Edgar Castillo, and his inclusion has never ruffled any feathers.

The roster:

Goalkeepers: Guillermo Ochoa (America), Jesus Corona (Tecos).

Defenders: Paul Aguilar (Pachuca), Oscar Rojas (America), Hugo Ayala (Atlas), Juan Carlos Valenzuela (America), Edgar Dueñas (Toluca), Imsael Rodriguez (America), Arturo Rivas (Tigres).

Midfielders: Edgar Castillo (America), Fernando Arce (Santos), Francisco Torres (Santos), Luis Miguel Noriega (Puebla), Israel Castro (Pumas), Jose Maria Cardenas (Puebla), Pablo Barrera (Pumas).

Forwards: Carlos Esquivel (Toluca), Edgar Pacheco (Atlas), Nestor Calderon (Toluca), Luis Alonso Sandoval (Monterrey), Miguel Sabah (Morelia), Oribe Pealta (Jaguares).


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

These are all domestic players, right? I would assume that, since most people know who the usual suspects are when it comes to calling in players, Aguirre wants to look at his depth and his options for the future (especially if Marquez or someone with that kind of experience gets injured).

This really is no different than one of Bob Bradley's January camps.

Anonymous said...

Why would any feathers be ruffled by Edgar Castillo being included? Everyone considers him Mexican first and final. It's understanding that many of the kids born in the US by Mexican parents did not have a choice, it's not their fault.

Thats why there's no feathers ruffled, because he's culturally Mexican unlike the others like guille.

L.B. said...

That may seem obvious to you anon, but if I would have written that the roster features no foreigners, that wouldn't be factually correct because one player was not born in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Finally Miguel Sabah gets a shot with the national team. He's been a pretty consistent striker that's been overlooked for far too long.

Anonymous said...

aguirre's strategy seems clear -- bring in the nacos, play the game a la mexicana, scrap results here and there, break a leg or two along the way...