Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Larry Bird Rankings (April 28)

Day late, dollar short.

1. Chivas USA. Team made MAJOR mistake in passing up Stefan Frei... oh wait...
2. Seattle. Keller has yet to allow an MLS goal.
3. Chicago. Making a habit of dramatic road come-from-behind draws.
4. Real Salt Lake. Six goals in less than 40 minutes? How about some of that on the road?
5. Kansas City. Some minor kinks still need to be ironed out, but KC's got a good team this year.
6. DC United. Wonder what DC fans savored more - scoring twice in stoppage time to win a game, or to do that against New York?
7. New England. That's a good way to ruin your goal differential.
8. Colorado. Tough to beat the same team three times in one month.
9. Toronto. 1-0 wins ain't pretty, but they count just the same.
10. Houston. Extension for Kinnear sends message - it ain't his fault the team's sagging.
11. LA Galaxy. Cronin/Wicks/Saunders may have been the problem all along.
12. San Jose. Road losses like Saturday's are compounded by dropped points at home.
13. FC Dallas. FC Dallas hasn't been too bad lately, there's hope after all!
14. Columbus. At least they had...
15. New York. ... a nice run to the Cup.


D said...

This is not really in debate. Doing it against New York. We're bullies like that.

Keith said...

confirming what D said...

There are few things that bring me more joy than seeing New York utterly despondent over losing to us _again_!!!

midikw said...

nice comment about the Galaxy goalkeeping situation. Rickets will (hopefully) make a difference this season between an awful team and a decent team.

Anonymous said...

Funny point on those LA goalies!!! But there is some truth to this. D-Ricketts has been a difference-maker. Having trust and confidence in your defense--especially your goal keeper can make a big difference. Now DR is not exactly a Keller, but look what has happened when he's been out there. Seattle actually carry themselves differently, with a swagger!

--Bofo's sister

Anonymous said...