Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday morning quick takes

Just a few things before I start the morning:

- Carlos Ochoa scored again, finally. You might remember Ochoa as Chivas' hot offseason acquisition. He did well to find the back of the net in InterLiga and on his debut with Chivas in league. Since his first game, however, he's been nothing but terrible and his ghastly unproductive performances led to Efrain Flores' ouster. Apparently, Ochoa's play had been so bad that some teammates began calling him "El Bloopers," according to Mural. Well, Ochoa scored on Sunday alright - for Tapatio. Looks like "El Bloopers" will be tearing things up for the second-division club.

- By the way, the guy who stepped up and started scoring goals was Javier "Chicharo" Hernandez, who was linked to Chivas USA in the preseason. Hernandez ain't going nowhere now. Also, um, Hernandez > Jesus Padilla. By a long shot.

- In case you forgot, international action returns on Tuesday in CONCACAF as Puerto Rico visit Cruz Azul. La Maquina are in a state of disarray but whether or not that carries over in the CCL remains to be seen. Puerto Rico already pulled off one improbable road win as they beat Marathon. But, well, let's keep the theme going... Cruz Azul > Marathon.

- Also on Tuesday is the return of the US Open Cup, for the Galaxy anyway. The Galaxy will play Colorado again - and that again is on two notes. The Galaxy played Colorado on Saturday night of course, but they also played Colorado in an Open Cup play-in game in 2008. The Galaxy lost both games, on Saturday by 3-2 and a year by 1-0.

- I've got some audio links coming up later as I already posted one online and will have another couple also ready to go.

- One quick non-soccer note: Metallica tickets go on sale Saturday, at least locally. They've scheduled a show on Dec. 11 at the Honda Center in Anaheim.


Zac Lee Rigg said...

Leonard Cohen, infinitely greater than Metallica, is playing in LA on Friday. If your readers are sane, they will be going to that concert. (First one on U.S. soil in 15 years or so. Hallelujah.)

Anonymous said...

Also Panchito Mendoza went to Tapatio. Wonder how he is doing? He says he doesn't regret going back to Mexico but go figure.