Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Champs don't get in?

I like the US Open Cup, like the history behind it and the whole process of how the tournament is played, how it's open to any club and all that good stuff. I think MLS should give it a bit more respect and maybe set aside some weekends for only Open Cup matches. I realize that is a pipe dream - they schedule six league games for a World Cup qualifying weekend, so no chance of stepping aside for the USOC.

But one thing I do find a bit odd is that the defending Open Cup champions aren't guaranteed of defending their USOC title. Such is the case for DC United, the 08 USOC champs.

DC is hosting FC Dallas in a USOC match tonight. It's actually a play-in game, so this isn't even techincally part of the tournament. If FC Dallas wins, then DC is out and won't participate in the tourney this year.

Just seems a little odd that the champ isn't automatically entered into the following year's tournament. It'd be great for the defending champ to be in the tourney; would make it a bit more interesting and would seem like it'd be a perk of being the champion.

I'm not necessarily complaining, just found it odd. I suppose if you consider that the World Cup champion isn't guaranteed entry into the subsequent World Cup isn't guaranteed entry into the tournament the next season, then it doesn't seem so odd, right?


CACuzcatlan said...

Doesn't the UEFA CL Champ get an automatic entry (as well as the UEFA Cup winner)? Isn't that how Liverpool got in that one year (05-06?)

Evan said...

Yes indeed. UEFA changed the rules to avoid having that happen again; now if a team wins the Champions League but fails to qualify for next season's tournament, UEFA kicks the bottom CL qualifier from that league into the UEFA Cup.

L.B. said...

Thanks for the fact-check, Evan.