Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Berhalter to MLS

US World Cup veteran Gregg Berhalter was recently let go by 1860 Munich and is headed to the MLS.

The Galaxy sit first in the allocation table and stand a chance of acquiring Berhalter, if they choose to keep him and use the choice to take him. It wouldn't necessarily be the greatest choice as you never know what will happen. A year ago, San Jose took Jean Phillipe Peguero once he became available and the top spot in the allocation table moved to Toronto, who subsequently were first when Brian McBride became available. San Jose could have had the opportunity to trade McBride to Chicago since McBride wanted to go to Chicago but instead they got a bust of a player.

Still, the Galaxy could use Berhalter. As talented as Omar Gonzalez is, he's 20 years old. It might do him a lot of good to either play alongside Berhalter or watch and learn from Berhalter. Not that Berhalter is Maldini or anything but Gonzalez could learn a lot from a guy who's spent his entire career in Germany and has played in the World Cup. And the Galaxy's backline is paper-thin to begin with, so this may not be the flashy attacking player that most would probably like but it would fill a need.


Brandon said...

Didn't Berhalter play in England at some point, too?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Sanneh just doesn't cut it. Hopefully Gregg is back!!!