Friday, April 10, 2009

USL starts Saturday

Amidst the American soccer landscape, the USL is not often seen or heard compared to MLS... which is not often seen or heard compared to mainstream sports... but nevermind that.

Anyway, the USL did make some noise internationally, however, as Montreal and Puerto Rico did well in their respective CONCACAF Champions League efforts and made MLS look bad in the process. MLS had one-of-four teams in the knockout rounds, and that team (Houston) whimpered out quietly and predictably enough.

Still, Puerto Rico and Montreal eventually crashed out to Mexican teams as well but made their series interesting and gained respect in the process.

Now with USL opening up, where does each team stand with regards to the rest of the first division? Will it be a Puerto Rico-Montreal final? I'm not sure, to be honest, but you can read this informative preview on USL from Inside Minnesota Soccer, which has a season preview for the USL, which kicks off on Saturday (thanks to the awesome Bunky County for this link).

Of course, there's no USL-1 team in Southern California, so this has always made it a bit difficult to keep tabs with. But I have to say Montreal and Puerto Rico's collective efforts made me realize that the USL is a competitive league worth following, or at least attempt to follow.


East River said...

From what I've read USL will stream all their games for free except those that will be on FSC. So it should be easier for people like you and me to follow the USL.

Kartik said...

Luis- thanks for the plug on the preview. I did the Puerto Rico and Miami capsules and we had writers close to each team do their respective clubs previews.

Keep up the good work!