Friday, May 1, 2009


The fallout from both Wendesday's Chivas-Everton match and the swine flu in Mexico has been, well, as Mural put it - Fuchila!

* Chivas and San Luis made it through to the second round of Libertadores where they'll play Sao Paulo and Nacional (Uruguay) respectively, but where will they play?

* Because of the swine flu, it seems Mexico is not an option for Chivas and/or San Luis to host South American teams. Colombia was in line to play host to games as the two Mexican teams were all set to play their home legs in Bogota but the Colombian government said no. FMF officials had said Chile might be an option but everything is seemingly up in the air, and when government officials get involved and are emphatic against something like a soccer game, it makes it hard to get around that.

* I was wondering if this might mean we'd have a Libertadores game here in LA but I read somewhere that the idea of playing those games in the US had been kicked around but discarded. Guess it'd be hard for Nacional to get from Montevideo to Los Angeles for a midweek game.

* I really hope that the series isn't reduced to a one-off game for both, with the matches being played at Sao Paulo and Montevideo, but that could be an option. Chivas at Sao Paulo for a winner-take-all series. A neutral site, even if it's in that country, would be preferable, but a two-leg series would still be the most ideal thing. Don't know, just seems there are a lot of people throwing up roadblocks and if Colombia already said no, if Chile was already hostile in their treatment of Chivas, I wonder if any South American country will say yes to Chivas and San Luis at this point.

* Getting back to the spitting incident, Chivas president Pedro Saez had some damage control and said he was surprised a player of Reynoso's caliber would do such an act. Mural ran a great picture of the incident:

The Everton player said afterward: "I hope he doesn't have some sort of disease." Ouch.


Anonymous said...

If he did it for no reason I would be pissed, but I read somewhere that the Everton (Boca wannabe) players were talking crap and I guess that got under his skin...

Anonymous said...

He had a reason for it, leading up to the game Reynoso had explain to the media of the treatment by the Chilean people while visiting local shops. They felt ridiculed and with smack talking from the Everton player and the fans in the stands it finally got to him.

Anonymous said...

Reynoso has always been a classless thug and cheap-shot artist. There is no justification for the spitting and attempting to blow out mocos from his nostrils at the Everton players- this especially in light of the current atmosphere and all the hysteria. Way to live up to their sterotype chump!

Anonymous said...

reynoso en un nacototote... cienpre chivas all the way