Monday, April 13, 2009

Loon Bird Rankings (April 13)

1. Chicago. Came back three times on the road, escaped with draw.
2. Chivas USA. Have most points in the league; scary thing is, there's a lot of room for improvement.
3. New England. Busiest week in league history? Not for Revs, who had bye week.
4. Seattle Sounders FC. Coming off first loss, Seattle now has some adversity to deal with.
5. Real Salt Lake. Things are going well when Olave scores a goal.
6. Colorado. Conor Casey, a star in the making.
7. Kansas City. Davy Arnaud, a star in the making
8. San Jose. Offense looks like it won't be a problem every week.
9. Toronto FC. Let worst team in the league score late equalizer at BMO.
10. DC United. Crayton inspires zero confidence with games like Saturday.
11. Columbus. Welcome back to 2007, Crew.
12. Houston. If this funk continues, will Kinnear's job be in danger soon?
13. New York. Any point on the road for this team is huge success.
14. LA Galaxy. Maybe top allocation spot for Berhalter wasn't a great idea after all.
15. FC Dallas. Someone aside from Cooper steps it up for a change.


The Hammer said...

Can't much argue with Galaxy's position, but I can argue with the comment on Greg Beerholder.

Were we watching the same game, Luis? He had a strong influence in keeping the Galaxy back line orderly. He did exactly what an aging veteran should do next to a young rookie (now I'm repeating myself on your blog).

Maybe take a shot at Stefani Miglioranzi who couldn't connect a single pass if he were from Brazil... oh wait...

Edellaine said...

I wonder how quickly the rookies will learn from all the veterans we have. Over-the-hill, at least athletically, but the Galaxy has an impressive stock of young defenders that are hopefully eager to learn.

You could argue that we drafted three of the top five defenders that came out this year. It's just a matter of time, but that's what we've been saying the past three years too...