Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sacking of Omar

Sometimes, you couldn't make stuff up like this.

No matter how hard you'd try to fabricate something, it just wouldn't seem real.

This is one of those things. If you would have said yesterday at this time that Omar Arellano would not manage Guadalajara in Sunday's game against America, people would think you were crazy.

Well, it happened. Chivas sacked Arellano, just three weeks after he took over for Efrain Flores. Now, the club is onto its third boss in the last 24 days as Francisco "Paco" Ramirez is now in charge of El Rebaño.

Actually, Mural is reporting that Ramirez and Salvador Reyes Jr. are in charge of the team, but who is the boss and who is the assistant will be sorted out, though it appears it's Ramirez.

American fans are quite familiar with Ramirez. He was an assistant coach under Ricardo Lavolpe with the Mexican national team and served in the same role under Sven-Goran Eriksson with El Tri. After the 2-0 loss Mexico suffered against the US on Feb. 11, Ramirez slapped Frankie Hejduk and was banned for two games. Then, Eriksson got ran and Javier Aguirre was hired and is bringing in his own people.

Ramirez was also a finalist in the Chivas USA post when it ultimately went to Preki. At the time, I thought Ramirez should have gotten the job. I guess I liked the idea of a deviation from the Bradley era and thought that Ramirez may have been able to bring in guys like Paco Palencia or Loca Garcia.

Anyway, there you go. The wild and wacky world of Club Deportivo Guadalajara. As the corner of Mural's cover says... Ripley's Believe it or Not.


Anonymous said...

This is the most idiotic move I've ever seen in my life. Incredible and then you put this clown who looks like one and his priority is to 'organize or discipline' the team when he hit Hejduk and made a fool of himself.
All the Mexican media and fans are dumbfounded. Vergara and his wife are ruining a great institution!
Wow just wow! I'm pissed off and I'm not a Chiva fan but an America guy. I can't imagine how Chivista feel.

The Hammer said...

I think this just confirms the heavy hand that Vergara had in the national team and the role he had in selecting players through Paco Ramirez.

Now that the FMF is no longer allowing Vergara to treat the national team like his own personal playground you're going to see him take a greater interest in Chivas.

Oh how I hope he gets bored of that and starts sticking his spoon into Chivas USA's soup, too.


Anonymous said...

My guess is Veraga sacked Arellano cause he believes he has a better chance of winning the super calsico with a paco. Why? because no debuting manager loses.Add that with the scolding he gave the players its a winning combination.

Man, that sounds dumb.

Anonymous said...

I really cannot stand Vergara, he honors his name in Spanish