Thursday, April 2, 2009

Like old times

LB and AC debating yet another footballing topic. This one's on Sven-Goran Eriksson and whether he should stay on as Mexico manager.


Kartik said...

Hopefully people will begin to listen to me when I have said Honduras has the football talent currently to be better than both the US and Mexico.

For example, what Mexican or American player has garnered the type of transfer fee in Europe Wilson Palacios has?

To Mexico's credit they only conceded three goals with Ochoa making a nice save on Pavon late. I guarantee the US with Bocanegra and Beasley now at the back would concede four or five goals in Honduras, especially if Suazo is back by then.

The 3-1 scoreline flattered Mexico. The PK call was fraudulent and the Mexican press will never admit that El Tri were beaten by a more talented and skillful team.

Honduras is the best team in CONCACAF. Now they have to turn the talent gap they have opened up with the rest of the region into a World Cup birth. They have underachieved for too long.

Kartik said...

Luis, I agree with your points. Right now Mexico has played a much tougher slate of matches than the US. I tend to believe Mexico is still better than the US when it comes down to it. The US will not win the corresponding fixtures at Honduras or at Mexico that Sven has lost. Nobody is speaking of sacking Bradley at least not yet. If Sven drops points in the next round vs T&T or El Salvador, I'd sack him. But in all likelyhood Mexico will be on 9 pts, behind Costa Rica on 10 0r 12 but perhaps ahead of the US who is on 8, or just behind the US who is on 10. Honduras will be on 7 or 8. So Mexico is still in the thick of things.

Anonymous said...

i would have to be paid a fortune to read anything ac produces

Prashanta said...

Wilson Palacios totally dominated that right side. He made Leandro, Pavel and the LB look feeble. That guy is a monster. I dont follow the premier league very much. Is he doing well there?

Kartik said...


Palacios is hands down the best player from CONCACAF in England. I'd say Dempsey, Ricardo Fuller and Kenwyne Jones are also above average but Palacios is the first bona fide superstar in English football from CONCACAF since Dwight Yorke.

Anonymous said...

Well LB you lost this one to AC, Sven got fired.

Does the FMF know the definition of consistency?

Anonymous said...

when was the last time Honduras went to the World Cup. When was the last time they won the Gold Cup?

Anonymous said...

Honduras last made the World Cup in 1982!

They did have a good shot in 2002, losing the last game to Mexico at Azteca. A draw and Honduras would have gone instead of EL Tri.

Gold Cup? I don't know. I remember the US needed two very late goals to beat them in the finals a few years ago, 2-1. But who really cares about the Gold Cup anyway?

Any tournament Canada has won and Guadeloupe has gotten to the semifinals or is well, poxy.

I think Honduras is very good right now. Guevara, Suazo, Palacios, Costly, DeLeon, obviously Pavon is playing well again also. But can they sustain it? They cannot keep playing Mexico in every game, or can they?