Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm watching this game and it seems strange because the game, which is an attractive matchup, is being played with no supporters due to a swine flu outbreak.

But one thing that's bugging me is the commentary. The match is on Telemundo and I wonder sometimes if announcers Andres Cantor and Sammy Sadovnik can do anything except complain about the officiating. No matter what game, no matter what the circumstances, whether it's a league match, an international friendly or a World Cup qualifier, it seems like these guys spend a lot of time complaining about the referees. They second-guess calls - which when you watch them 10 times over in slow-motion are easy to see - and demand yellow cards, red cards, penalties, whatever.

It would be nice if they actually described some of the game action without sensationalizing every single play. To be honest, I watch games here on mute most of the time. I wanted to watch it with the volume up to get a feel of the game action as you can hear a lot of what the players are saying as well as some of the voices from the sidelines, but these guys are making it difficult to sit through their typically wrteched commentary.

Okay, Chicharo just scored. One thing I wondered was if players would celebrate as much when scoring today as normal. Do they play up their celebration for the crowd? Does the energy from the stands feed into their goal celebrations? Or would they just sort of congratulate each other as they would if it was a goal during a closed-door scrimmage? Chicharo's celebration was a bit muted I guess. He seemed excited initially, walked over to the end line but wasn't overly demonstrative.

Anyway, back to hoping Cantor and Sadovnik don't ruin the game for me.


Anonymous said...

I used to really like Andres Cantor. When he was with Univision he and Longo made a great broadcast team. But ever since Longo's sudden passing a few years ago, Cantor isn't the same commentator. He DOES spend way too much time complaining about officiating and seems to want to find controversy in every game when a lot of the times there is none. It's too bad because he was one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Lets file this one under, "Who gives a shit"

Go back to the MLS, LB.

I miss your Chivas USA antipathy.

Anonymous said...

I give a shit, please don't go back to the MLS, it bores me more than Cantor.

I don't miss your Chivas USA antipathy.

Anonymous said...

It was worst before when he had that tool for a sidekick, I forgot his name. But Sammy is a slight upgrade.

L.B. said...

I disliked Norberto Longo. A lot. That guy was a disaster. When he died, I kinda felt bad for disliking him so much. But his commentary skills were terrible, I thought.