Friday, April 3, 2009

MLS Week 3

As much as I've enjoyed the national team games, this weekend will revert back to league as MLS and Mexican league action will dominate the landscape, at least around here.

For an MLS debriefing, I'd suggest reading Kyle McCarthy's story on He looks at each game and predicts a winner. I probably would have predicted the Crew to do better on Sunday before Thursday's defeat in Salt Lake but I think I might have to agree with his pick in that game.

The match I'm really looking forward to is Seattle-Toronto. Suddenly, that game is probably the must-watch game of the week. Seattle has been fantastic at home, outscoring their opponents 5-0 in two games but now they must travel to a place that hasn't been easy for visitors to get results. And that was when they were a bad team. Toronto also looks like the real deal, and it's their own home opener. And the internationals will return, so Amado Guevara will join TFC fresh off Honduras' whipping of Mexico.

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