Friday, April 17, 2009

Aguirre's in charge

Javier Aguirre was officially presented as Mexico manager on Thursday. I wrote up part of my column on him so I'll save some thoughts for later.

Here's some stories from in the meanwhile.

Aguirre said that June 6 will be Mexico's D day.

Some of the many who came out in support of the move were his successor in 2002, Ricardo Lavolpe, as well as a player who earned his first cap under Lavolpe, Andres Guardado.

Here's a cartoon from Mural about the move.

Aguirre sits relaxed in the jeep saying "Calm down, I've come to get aboard the car of optimism" but the driver responds "If we were optimists, we wouldn't have fired Eriksson."


Anonymous said...

Guardado didn't earn his first cap under Aguirre,it was under Lavolpe in December 2005 against Poland

Anonymous said...

Hungary I mean

Anonymous said...

i second the opinion that guardado's first cap was under coach lavolpe and not coach aguirre. you may want to double check your info.

L.B. said...

I mean Lavolpe. Guardado was about 13 when Aguirre left his post in 2002. It's a typo. Sorry.