Monday, April 20, 2009

Lactate Buildup Rankings (April 20)

1. Chivas USA (4-0-1). Chijindu, Stepanovic, Mayen... who are these guys? Looks like Preki's system is working pretty well after all.
2. Chicago (2-0-3). Draw that felt like a loss, and looked like a train wreck.
3. New England (2-0-2). On wrong end of late equalizer this time around.
4. Kansas City (2-2-1). Strong effort on road when all looked lost.
5. Seattle (3-2-0). Untimely goals allowed, offense has dried up... expansion ills strike expansion side.
6. Colorado (2-2-1). Road magic had to end at some point.
7. Real Salt Lake (2-2-0). RSL's gotta figure out those road woes.
8. DC United (1-1-3). Late equalizer shows possible signs of good things to come.
9. San Jose (1-2-2). 'Quakes dropping points like crazy early on.
10. Houston (1-2-2). Win over Colorado not pretty but Dynamo will take it.
11. New York (1-2-2). At least one MLS Cup 08 finalist now has a victory.
12. Columbus (0-2-3). Crew took week off to reflect on horrid season-opening stretch.
13. FC Dallas (1-3-1). Did all they could to blow two-goal lead but TFC's Wynne gave them a hand in their win after all.
14. LA Galaxy (0-1-3). Come-from-behind road point is encouraging but team still has not shown it can win.
15. Toronto FC (1-2-2). Went 0-1-1 against FC Dallas over two consecutive weekends. TFC stinking up joint once again.


Anonymous said...

Chivas USA (4-0-1). Chijindu, Stepanovic, Mayen... who are these guys? Looks like Preki's system is working pretty well after all.

Actually, Luis Bueno's pre-season skepticism about the Goats was premature.

All that attention to that Galaxy joke of a team clouded you.

We still love you, LB.

Anonymous said...

Well well well.

Look who's at #1.

Never thought I'd see the day.

Anonymous said...

come on guys, what matters the most in this league is the playoffs. If Chivas USA can advance further to the playoffs, Preky still needs to due.

Anonymous said...

Its a long season. Chivas USa needs Razov, victorine, and GALINDO healthy if we're going to make it out of the first round of playoffs.

Luis is right, we need to be healthier AND in form to make it to the conference finals.

Where's our forwards?


Anonymous said...

I bet if Chivas wins the MLS cup,Luis will still be hating.He wants a job with the Galaxy soooooooooooooooooo bad

Anonymous said...

Not bad Chivas is #1 in the league. Luis being an Americanist had to bash on the goats, its part of the rivalry.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to just abandon a team you've supported for 10+ years in the Galaxy.

It'll be a while before Luis openly accepts Chivas as the superior team in Los Angeles. Unless we're relocated, then he can go back to cheerleading.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my Chivas USA comrades but i must say something: Chivas USA may be the best team in LA ; however besides disliking galaxy fans, i can say they have actually won 2 MLS cups, and so, have only respect for their team.

I still hate their fans though!

Anonymous said...

Yes, however, we're a third of their age and have been/are close to having half of their championships.

That's not greatness.

Edellaine said...

Man, Chivas fans all seem to have the low self-esteem thing down pat.

Btw, anon, LA, even after the epic suck of the past three years, still has the best overall record of any MLS team since the leagues inception.

As for, only having two MLS Cups, we're one missed header and Robin Fraser's leg away from having four. But shit happens, we still have more trophies now that you'll have for a long, long time.

man-from-michigan said...


How long did it take before the gals got their first MLS Cup? We are on track, thanks.


The Manly Ferry said...

I just have to pass on, Luis, the fact that I slipped a shout-out to your titles on top of last week's Collective rankings. Keep up the good work; you're the one who tells us what to think about Chivas.