Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Potential US lineup

I was going to write about a possible lineup for the US but then I read Paul Oberjuerge's blog and, well, he pretty much stole my thunder. I agree with him on all points, particularly starting Jose Francisco Torres in Sacha Kljestan's spot. Sacha has been a huge disappointment during the Hexagonal, and I would be shocked if he started in place of Torres.

Paul also suggests one other change that I probably wouldn't have considered - Jozy Altidore for Brian Ching - but I'm coming around to that. I guess I think that Altidore on the field is better than Altidore not on the field. And the only way that might happen is to bench Ching. A means to an end, I suppose.


just another one of you said...

why not play Altidore and Ching? Just sit Beasley and move Dempsey to the left. If the offense sputters you can bring Beasley in for whoever is at left back

just another one of you said...

i forgot to add that Ching and Jozy both track back well (especially Ching) so it isn't like you're losing much in the midfield if

Anonymous said...

As a Chivas USA fan, it hurts to see Sacha struggle, but Torres is much better right now.

Bob Bradley is a nice guy and the coach who drafted Sacha in 2006. Due to this, Sacha starts and will continue to start until further notice.