Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First wins

I wrote a bit on this in the comments section of my rankings but wanted to expand on the topic.

Chivas USA and the Galaxy will meet for the first time in 2009 on Saturday, and history suggests it won't be a pretty match for Chivas USA.

Overall, the Galaxy have dominated the series against Chivas USA but in particular the first games of each and every season have gone towards the Galaxy's favor. And none of the games were anything but difficult setbacks for Chivas USA.

In brief:

2005: Galaxy scores three early goals, cruise to 3-1 victory over expansion Chivas side.
2006: Cornell Glen scores two late goals, Galaxy steal 2-1 win
2007: Harmse, Donovan score early, Jones scores late in 3-1 win
2008: Gordon, Donovan score twice each in 5-2 Galaxy win
2009: ???

At least Chivas have managed to score goals.

So, even though the Galaxy's defense is bunk and Chivas are 3-0, this game is anything but an easy match to predict. Based on current form, Chivas should win the game, but based on history Chivas have no shot.

Anyway, just a thought to get the week started. I suppose the Galaxy still have something to work out tonight in their US Open Cup play-in match against Colorado before they can focus on their intra-stadium rivals.


Anonymous said...

indeed, the superclasico's back... yawwwwwn...

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

4-0 Chivas USA on Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

You're right Luis, this game will be a test for Chivas USA.

As much as i hate to say it, Galaxy are dangerous when given the chance.
They can score goals.

You know Luis, maybe Chivas USA will change history and win the first game.

This should be a really physical, entertaining game.
I hope the best for my goats.

Chivas USA Till I DIE