Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No details

Preki is a stand-up guy. He's a pretty easy-going fellow - at least with us in the media - and takes the time to chat with us, though he'd probably prefer not to. Today I caught him as he was leaving the Chivas USA locker room with a couple of assistants and he set down his stuff and walked away.

But Preki isn't exactly a wealth of information. In fact, sometimes it's downright difficult to get him to say anything worthwhile.

Listen for yourself.

I asked Preki about all sorts of different things and the most he could give me was a few short words on any one subject. Toward the end, I knew he wasn't going to say anything so I just asked him a question that I knew he'd not answer. He didn't and instead just picked up his stuff and bade me farewell.

Also, there's a cameo in the middle of the interview as someone walked by and said hey. See if you can make out who that is (of course, I say his first name so that's kind of a giveaway).


Albert said...

Do you know anything bout Chivas wanting Schmid for next season ?

Anonymous said...

Bob Bradley?

That interview made me feel uncomfortable! Boy, trying to get an answer from him is like pulling teeth. Good try anyways.


L.B. said...

Yes sir, that is Bob Bradley! He walked out of Chivas' locker room and said hi.

And towards the end of the interview it was clear he wasn't going to say anything so I started asking him whatever.

As far as next season, I can't imagine Preki being gone.