Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hostile hosts

Cancha of course has the Mexico match on its cover. I figured since it's a Guadalajara daily it may have some sort of split cover with El Tri and Chivas taking equal sides. But since Chivas is pretty much toast and Mexico has everything to play for, it's El Tri that gets top honors.

The cover story talks about how the Mexican team was greeted by Hondurans upon its arrival in San Pedro Sula. According to the story, about 100 Hondurans were at the airport to jeer and insult the Mexicans as they arrived and made their way towards the bus. One of the things they chanted was "Solo sangre azul" or "Only blue blood" in reference to Honduras' blue on their flag and soccer jerseys. Another insult that appeared in the story was from one person who said "Como los odio hijos de puta." Kinda surprising to see that in a newspaper story. I don't even know if I could slip that by an editor here.

Anyway, it speaks to the apparent hatred Hondurans have of El Tri ahead of the match.

Inside the bus, the story continues, Israel Martinez opened a window and greeted the Hondurans with a simple wave and Leobardo Lopez followed.

The story finishes up with another insult hurled at the Mexican national team as one fan said "Se creen sudamericanos, idiotas, aqui van a sufrir" which translates to "You think you are South American. Idiots. You will suffer here."

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Anonymous said...

I heard el tri was greeted as la seleccion "sudamexicana" at the airport as well.