Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blanco back to Mexico

Cuauthemoc Blanco will play for a title after all. Blanco will join Santos Laguna on loan for the upcoming Apertura 2008 season, multiple Mexican publications reported late Wednesday.

According to reports, Blanco will join Santos effective immediately.

"It's a done deal," Reuters quoted Santos president Alejandro Irarragorri as saying. "He's a warrior with all of his soul and he will come help our club. We are very satisfied that we were able to reach this deal. Everything is in place for Cuauhtemoc to join us and once again be a champion."

Didn't see that one coming. Just one week ago the Fire were preparing for the Eastern Conference final and now they loaned out their top player and biggest draw to Santos right in time for the Mexican league playoffs. Of course, Blanco is fit and won't need much time to get acclimated to his new team. But for the Fire to loan Blanco out so quickly after their season was complete might be a bit troubling. Why risk the chance of injury? Santos probably paid a hefty sum of cash in order to acquire Blanco's services in the short term but would money be worth it if Blanco gets hurt?

For Blanco, the move is positive. Had he not done this, he would have had inactivity from now until February, and for a player at his age such a long rest is probably not beneficial. The need to play in competitive matches played at a high level grows stronger and what better way to fill the need than to join a team on the eve of the postseason?

Anyway, the story just broke earlier Wednesday so expect to see more of the details falling out in the coming days.

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