Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another big name

Here's another name to possibly throw in the mix to join an MLS team.

Jared Borgetti is out of contract with Monterrey and has been told by the club that he will not be brought back for the Clausura 2009 season.

Borgetti of course has long been linked to MLS, but there wasn't really much to that before since he was under contract and that would require a transfer fee. Now that his options are limited he might be willing to give MLS a more serious look.

Now, that's not exactly the best way to get a player - wait for his opportunities at home to dry up and consider MLS as a last resort. While I don't think it's quite that dire for Borgetti, I do feel he can still score goals and can still be an asset for an MLS team. Should he get designated player money? No, absolutely not. But would he be worth whatever money you can get him for under the cap? Probably.

Anyway, expect Borgetti's name to come up a bit during this offseason.


ELAC said...

He's an asshole/locker room cancer/arrogant prick.

He's be perfect for the la galaxy.

If not, then who could get him?

Anonymous said...

Have you met him personally? lol.