Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fears abound

Cancha's cover today. The headline reads "I'm frightened, I'm frightened, I'm very frightened"

Subhead: "With a painful performance and loss, Mexico barely gets through to the Hexagonal on goal differential; if Eriksson's Tri continues this way, the next phase will be dreadful."


Anonymous said...

Watched the game last night and I have to say that Mexico was terrible all night. There were a few, and I stress few, moments when Mexico looked okay, but they have looked worse and worse every game. I was also puzzled by Eriksson's starting lineup. He basically started Vuoso up front by himself, with Sinha as his support and it just didn't work. Sinha was completely shut down and Vuoso had to do all the dirty work in order to get himself the ball.

You would think that playing for their World Cup lives, he would have started a more aggressive lineup like Castillo, Vela, and Vuoso up front and just throw everything they had at Honduras.

Anonymous said...

erickson's way over his head in mexico... it's so evident... it's one thing to coach england and the premiership... a different matter to coach mexico through concacaf.

the next round will be tough... i am predicting mexico will lose a home game, struggle away, but get through as the third or fourth seed of the final six.

serves us right for years of mismanagement.

saludos, d

RHYbread said...

I had a wonderful dream last night about the US winning in Axteca and knocking Mexico out of contention in the WCQ Hex next year...

Anonymous said...


That sounds like a nightmare scenario to me.

Anonymous said...

People need to look at the horrible conditions of the field first before you comment. Both teams sucked due to the shit field.