Thursday, November 6, 2008

Take the kids to work day

Wednesday was a Daddy-daughter afternoon. I picked up my daughter from kindergarten and went straight to HDC as I had to do some interviews to round out the rest of the week. We went down towards the locker room and many players were already leaving. We saw Sacha Kljestan in the parking lot and some Galaxy players too, Mike Randolph walked past us in the stairs.

When we got to the Chivas locker room, there was a pair long tables with all sorts of gear on them: hats, balls, shirts and a ton of posters taped to one wall. It was an autograph session apparently as the team is probably getting ready to give many of these away on Saturday. I don' t know for sure, but that's my guess. Claudio Suarez joked with my daughter and told her to grab as many of the things as she could.

Anyway, she stood quietly (and was probably bored out of her mind) as the players came out and talked to me. I talked to Shavar Thomas, Ante Razov, Paulo Nagamura, Jesse Marsch, Preki and Francisco Mendoza in that order I believe. Preki's met Yvie (my daughter) before so he was all smiles to her before our interview.

After we left I asked Yvie who her favorite soccer player was.

"The one that was speaking Spanish."

I guess Panchito has a new fan.


man-from-michigan said...

I guess Claudio "The Joker" Suarez didn't earn any ponts with Yvie, unless he was talking to her in English...LOL.


Anonymous said...

panchito's cute, though. hard for claudio to compete with that.

saludos, d