Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best of: Apertura 2008 awards

Guadalajara sports daily Cancha handed out some individual awards on Monday. As part of Grupo Reforma, Cancha hands out such awards after the end of each season. The votes come from players from each respective Mexican club.

Here are their awards given for performances in the recently-completed Apertura 2008 season.

Best Mexican Player
1. Guillermo Ochoa, America; 2. Jonny Magallon, Chivas; 3. Fernando Arce, Santos

Best Foreigner
1. Salvador Cabanas, America; 2. Paulo da Silva, Toluca; 3. Christian Benitez, Santos

Best Rookie
1. Omar Arellano, Chivas; 2. Hugo Hernandez, Chivas; 3. Arnhold Rivas, Tecos

Best Goalkeeper
1. Guillermo Ochoa, America; 2. Oswaldo Sanchez, Santos; 3. Federico Vilar, Atlante

Best Central Defender
1. Paulo da Silva, Toluca; 2. Jonny Magallon, Chivas; 3. Felipe Baloy, Monterrey

Best Holding Midfielder
1. Gerardo Torrado, Cruz Azul; 2. Jaime Correa, Pachuca; 3. Eduardo Coudet, San Luis

Best Attacking Midfielder
1. Antonio Naelson "Zinha," Toluca; 2. Daniel Luduena, Santos; 3. Adolfo Bautista, Jaguares

Best Forward
1. Salvador Cabanas, America; 2. Christian Benitez, Santos; 3. Hector Mancilla, Toluca

Best Team
1. San Luis; 2. Atlante; 3. Tecos

Best Mexican Coach
1. Raul Arias, San Luis; 2. Daniel Guzman, Santos; 3. Manuel Lapuente, Tigres

Best Foreign Coach
1. Ricardo Ferreti, Pumas; 2. Ricardo Lavolpe, Monterrey; 3. Ramon Diaz, America


Anonymous said...

Isn't Ferretti a Mexican citizen?

Dave in San Jose said...

I'm curious about what appears to be strong nationalism in Mexico with "best Mexican vs. foreign player" and "best Mexican vs. foreign coach". Why the distinction? Seems strange to an MLS follower where we just have "Coach of Year" and "MVP".

LB - May be a topic for another post.