Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mexican Liguilla, Day 1

I had wanted to do a preview of the Mexican league playoffs but with other duties getting in the way, I wasn't able to do the types of previews I wanted to.

Anyway, the Mexican playoffs, or Liguilla, got underway on Saturday with a pair of low-scoring games.

Cruz Azul and Pumas, the most attractive matchup in the playoffs, failed to score a goal and tied 0-0 in Cruz Azul's home leg. Now, Cruz Azul needs to win at Pumas next weekend in order to advance. A draw benefits Pumas as the tiebreaker is regular-season record, and Pumas finished with the better regular season record.

Meanwhile, Atlante and Tigres also did not produce a winner. Tigres took an early lead as Hugo Sanchez Guerrero scored in the seventh minute but after a Tigres red card in the 62nd minute Atlante were able to get the equalizer and the match finished 1-1. Like Cruz Azul, Tigres need a win in Cancun in order to advance.

I'll post video clips if and when they become available.

ADD: They became available.

First up is Tigres' early strike. Hugo Sanchez Guerrero knocked a ball in off a center.

Then, not sure what Tigres were doing pushing forward but they got killed on a counterattack as Luis Gabriel Rey finished off the effort with about 20 minutes left.

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