Wednesday, November 5, 2008

River > Chivas

River Plate will play at Chivas de Guadalajara in the second leg of their Copa Sudamericana series and River forward Sebastian Abreu likes their chances.

He also likes their history. More than Chivas' in fact. Abreu told Cancha that River Plate is the superior club.

"If we're talking about a history of greatness, then I simply refer to the statistics," Abreu told Cancha (sorry, can't link the story because it's a pay site).

Here are the numbers: River Plate has 32 league titles and two Copa Libertadores championships. Chivas have 11 league titles and one CONCACAF Champions Cup title. Beyond that, it's subjective in terms of players produced, significane within their respective leagues, etc.

Surely those could be fighting words so Abreu tempered his comments a bit.

"We respect Chivas because we know how important they are. They are a big club, very popular and we'll see on the field who is able to walk away with the advantage."


Anonymous said...

a lot of Mexican fans may not like it... but honestly, Abreu's right on this one.

Anonymous said...

Abreu is a Mexican League burn out that never won anything .

It's ok , history says River is superior , but a a 2-1 score says Chivas is better for now

Anonymous said...

What the 2nd anonymous said, now I the