Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mexico-Honduras highlights

One thing that does not bode well for Mexico is their ability to completely fall apart at the seams. When all hope was lost at the end of Wednesday's game, Mexico unraveled. First, Gerardo Torrado was sent off for a challenge from behind. Then, and perhaps more surprisingly, Carlos Vela was sent off for a tackle from behind. Vela is supposed to be a polished European-based talent but he's apparently not immune to cheap shots.

Anyway, here are the highlights. First the goal, then the parade of rough challenges from Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

I am a long-time usmnt fan-so I might be a bit biased- but has Mexico ever lost a game where they didn't start playing like jerks?

I have not watched many Mex games that didn't involve the US, and I pride myself in not making blatant over generalizations, but it seems that sore, or classless, loser might not be a bad label for the Tricolor.

when I lived in Costa Rica even my Tico host brother complained about the "juego sucio" of Mexico.

What gives? Am I just misguided, inherently culturally biased?